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28 junio 2011

Y tal.

i loved tokio hotel, with all my heart. their music was so inspiring. they were the cutest boys ever, loving what they were doing. i did everything for them, street teamed, made a buttload of fansites….but that was a long time ago, that was four years ago. now, i don’t hate them, i couldn’t ever hate them. i just don’t care about them. and you know what? they don’t care about us either. they don’t do anything special for us, they expect us to always be there. the fame has gotten to their heads SO MUCH. their music is close to shit. what happened to the old tokio hotel? geisterfahrer does not even compare to hilf mir fliegen. and what is zoom? where is in die nacht, leb die sekunde, totgelibt. oh my god totgeliebt. that song is GENIUS. what is going on? what happened to them? i hate what they’ve become, i hate their music now. i want 2005 - 2008 back. i want it back so bad.

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  1. Yo lo sigo amando.
    ¿Sabes que son los Illuminati?
    Te hago un resúmen.. se dedican a hacer "chantaje" a gente muy influyente del mundo de la música, para controlar masas...
    vale, sonará muy frikazo pero si quieres informarte sobre ellos por internet..
    pues bien, dicen que es por ellos el cambio de tokio hotel :c el cambio de estilo, la musica, las letras... en fin
    aunque yo creo que si de verdad les amaste, nunca podras odiar su musica.. aunque cambien sus ritmos siempre tendran esa esencia..


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